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Nisha K.
University of Wisconsin-Madison 2012 148 positive reviews

“Very good tutor! I was stuck with my problem for days but she solved it in less than an hour! ”

You Ning L.
University of Michigan 2011 227 positive reviews

“I have worked with You Ning a few times and each time it has been extremely helpful. She details everything out and make its easy to follow and learn. I highly recommend working with her for your accounting / finance needs. ”

Abe A.
Oklahoma State University 2015 27 positive reviews

“He is very descriptive and polite. His passion for Chemistry is also pretty obvious, by the way he teaches.”

Alyssia Yutong L.
University of California, Berkeley 2018 9 positive reviews

“Alyssia was great. She was incredibly responsive and easy to understand. She went over everything I did not understand multiple times until I finally got it and then set up a practice problem to make sure I got it and showed me some techniques on how to do the problem better. I was extremely pleased and would recommend her to anyway one who is looking for help or clarification.”

Lauren T.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2018 170 positive reviews

“She is the BEST!!”

Ludovica D.
Boston University 2012 53 positive reviews

“She was very helpful and smart!”

Brenda W.
Cal Poly Pomona 2016 773 positive reviews

“She went out of her way to provide extra examples and help with pictures and other things to study off of! Definitely recommend ”

Isaac B.
University of York 2015 43 positive reviews

“better than my prof!”

Michelle V.
Northeastern University 2018 124 positive reviews

“So quick and easy to work with. Got everything I need help with in a good amount f time”

Anders W.
University of Chicago 2016 75 positive reviews

“He's a great tutor! He's well organized, and knows the materials”

Olivia G.
Johns Hopkins University 2018 19 positive reviews


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Chegg is your best friend! They have online tutors! Im in gem chem (college), but doing well! First test is next week!





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