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Valida P. - Economics tutor
Valida P. Philadelphia, PA Economics tutor
University of Pennsylvania 2016 - Economics
"...more than 6 years of tutoring experience: - I was a microeconomics TA at University of Pennsylvania. - I've tutored high..."
Mayank J. - Economics tutor
Mayank J. Economics tutor
Haryana Vidya Mandir 2014 - Accounting & Finance
"...included Quantitative Aptitude (Maths & Statistics) , Economics (Both Micro & Macro) and Financial Statement Analysis."
Emily S. - Economics tutor
Emily S. Ithaca, NY Economics tutor
Cornell University 2018 - Industrial and Labor Relations
"Back in high school, I tutored pretty informally--I'd help my friends with their classes and help younger students prepare..."
Naema S. - Economics tutor
Naema S. Economics tutor
BITS Pilani, Rajasthan 2012 - Accounting & Civil Engineering
"I have completed my graduation from BITS Pilani. I am an assistant teacher in civil engineering department. I have past 3..."
Nishita S. - Economics tutor
Nishita S. Economics tutor
Punjab Technical University 2013 - Accounting / Economics/Construction Proj...
"I have completed my graduation from Punjab Technical University in 2013. My passion always have been to be perfect in..."
Emily E. - Economics tutor
Emily E. Gainesville, FL Economics tutor
University of Florida 2019 - Computer Science and Art hIstory
"tutored for 2+ years in subjects ranging from the social sciences to the hard sciences. Studying both history and computer..."
Jason G. - Economics tutor
Jason G. Providence, RI Economics tutor
Brown University 2016 - Political Science
"As a college and high school student for the last eight years, I have had a number of experiences teaching. Throughout high..."
Gurdain S. - Economics tutor
Gurdain S. Economics tutor
BITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus 2019 - Electronics & Electrical Engineering, Ma...
"...of faculty. I've taught high school students of Arya Vidya Mandir (Mumbai) Mathematics, Science , History and Geography . "
Munawwar N. - Economics tutor
Munawwar N. Economics tutor
IIIT Allahabad 2017 - B.Tech in Electronics & Communication En...
"I have attended coaching institutes for my Engineering Entrance exams as a result of which I've gained a lot of experience..."
Twinkle J. - Economics tutor
Twinkle J. Economics tutor
Mithibai college of art science and commerce 2017 - Economics
"...and science. Currently I am a T.A for two subjects of economics- Economics of Globalization and Development and..."
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“What is Economics?” in our tutors’ words:

  • Broadly, Economics is the study of the production and consumption of goods and services within an economy. This (very) general term can be broken down into it's two largest components, which are: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Microeconomics is the study of the behavior of individual economic agents (consisting of firms and individuals) in the roles of producers and consumers. Macroeconomics is what laymen tend to think of when given the term Economics, and that's the study of the economy. Essentially, it's an extrapolation of Micro theories to the large scale interactions of many agents. This is your inflation, your interest rates, and other stuff like that. Economics also consists of many other divisions within and outside of Micro and Macro. But, most importantly, Economics is a set of tools that allows you to make sense of the behavior of the people in the world.

    Answered by Michael A.

  • Economics is the fascinating study of transactions. You participated in a transaction when you bought your phone. A business participates in a transaction when it purchases supplies. A government participates in a transaction when it collects taxes or purchases equipment. Transactions are everywhere! The economy is the overall collection of transactions made by individuals, businesses and governments. Because money is at the heart of everything in our modern society, if you understand how money is transferred between people and organisations, you understand much about how society works. This is what makes Economics so interesting!

    Answered by James G.