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Olivia D. - Atlanta tutor
Olivia D. Atlanta, GA tutor
Georgia Tech 2018 - Chemistry
"Online volunteer on OpenStudy for > 1 year with over 2500 questions answered and 80 positive student testimonials"
Joanna B. - Atlanta tutor
Joanna B. Atlanta, GA tutor
Georgia Tech 2007 - Chemical Engineering
"I am a full time private tutor. I have been tutoring for the last 12 years and full time for the last 5 years. My experience..."
Dominick D. - Atlanta tutor
Dominick D. Atlanta, GA tutor
Georgia State University 2019 - Computer Science
"I have tutored a friend I knew who was home schooled when I was in the more early parts of high school. This took place for a..."
Ammy J. - Atlanta tutor
Ammy J. Atlanta, GA tutor
Georgia State University 2017 - Computer Science
"I have taught my several co-workers who are going to school and majoring in Computer Science or Maths. I have strong desire..."
Julia S. - Atlanta tutor
Julia S. Atlanta, GA tutor
Emory University 2018 - Art History and Italian, Pre-Law
"Throughout high school and college, I have taken extensive efforts to tutor and mentor people who are struggling in areas I..."
Shoeb L. - Atlanta tutor
Shoeb L. Atlanta, GA tutor
Emory University 2017 - Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology, Che...
"I began tutoring in high school where I assisted students with geometry, algebra, and calculus. At Emory University, I have..."
Mirah B. - Atlanta tutor
Mirah B. Atlanta, GA tutor
Emory University 2009 - Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
"As a medical student and graduate from Emory University, learning is a life long journey which I thoroughly enjoy. I love..."
Madison H. - Atlanta tutor
Madison H. Atlanta, GA tutor
Emory University 2019 - Psychology
"I tutor college, high school, and middle school students in multiple subjects, including Literature, Psychology, history..."
Aishat B. - Atlanta tutor
Aishat B. Atlanta, GA tutor
Georgia state university 2017 - Chemical Engineering
"I tutor a lot of  students and friends who need my assistance. I am easy to understand, I communicate properly with others,..."
Janany S. - Atlanta tutor
Janany S. Atlanta, GA tutor
Emory University 2020 - Computer Science and Business Administra...
"I worked as a student tutor at my high school. I helped extensively with ACT Prep. Taught Algebra 1 and 2, Beginnings of..."
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