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Matt K. - Houston tutor
Matt K. Houston, TX tutor
Rice University 2015 - Computer Science & Astrophysics
"I have loved helping fellow students learn for as long as I can remember. In high school, I tutored part time on my own..."
Ali K. - Houston tutor
Ali K. Houston, TX tutor
University of Houston 2017 - Computer Science
"Since the age of 10, all my friends would flock to me to explain complicated problems that we learned in class. I was always..."
Asumani M. - Houston tutor
Asumani M. Houston, TX tutor
University of Houston 2018 - Chemical Engineering
"I see teaching as both an art and a big responsibility. I see it as art because it has to be colorful and, thus, help grab..."
Chermiya T. - Houston tutor
Chermiya T. Prairie View, TX tutor
Prairie View 2016 - Nursing
"During nursing school I had the pleasure of tutoring some of my peers and students from other schools. I would provide them..."
Elisa C. - Houston tutor
Elisa C. Houston, TX tutor
Rice University 2007 - Master's in Teaching
"I am a certified classroom teacher, and I have taught math and physics at local high schools for four years. I have taught..."
Asher R. - Houston tutor
Asher R. Houston, TX tutor
University of Houston 2016 - Electrical Engineering
"I have 2 years experience tutoring students in college and helping them in various subjects such as electrical engineering,..."
Tom C. - Houston tutor
Tom C. Houston, TX tutor
Rice University 2016 - Classical Studies, Biochemistry and Cell...
"I've served as a classics tutor for the past two years, teaching Latin translation skills and instructing students in related..."
Jeff B. - Houston tutor
Jeff B. Houston, TX tutor
University of Houston 2017 - Physics
"Throughout High School I was the go-to student for others to learn the material we had just discussed because I could explain..."
Ali E. - Houston tutor
Ali E. Houston, TX tutor
University Of Houston 2018 - Computer Science
"One on one tutoring, starting off teaching Elementary Level and Middle school level subjects to children. Subjects consisted..."
Ekanem E. - Houston tutor
Ekanem E. Houston, TX tutor
Rice University 2003 - Psychology
"I have a wide variety of teaching experience spanning 15 years. In 2005 I combined my love for children and music by..."
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